RSS Feed for Spots

Having been asked for this a few times, I have knocked up an RSS feed for SOTAwatch Spots.

Your feedreader should pick it up from the SOTAwatch front page.

I’d be interested to know how people get on with it.

73, Jon

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It should atleast be a link to the feed so I can save it as a bookmark. I use Firefox to read RSS.

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I think that you might find that this works:-


MarkC - M5DJC

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Great one Jon now I can watch the spots when I am not watching the spots. Using RSS ticker in Firefox.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

…and Just added an RSS feed to my web page here sota - gw7aav2

Thanks Jon,

People might be useful to have some form of Time-stamp for each spot in the feed.

Not sure if it would be better to have just the Time (like 21:00) or the Date too (something like “26-Apr 21:00” or “21:00 26-Apr”).

Anyone got any thoughts on if have a Time-stamp helps or what format to use ?

Stewart G0LGS

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Works fine on Outlook 2007, no doubt.

73 Norby

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Thanks for responding so quickly to my Badgering the feed works perfectly in every application I’ve tried it in, I am in the process of making the feed interact with to give a weather report on the summit being worked which could be of great benefit to Activators and Chasers alike.