RSGB video - SOTA section

RSGB have made a nice promo video. SOTA is mentioned from 2min 55sec. A couple of my pictures (taken by my wife Sue) at 3:03 (Summit of Aonach Buidhe GM/WS-114, a rather remote Corbett in the Scottish Highlands) and at 3:15 (Summit of Snowdon GW/NW-001 in winter conditions). But I think the smiling photo of young Lauren M6HLR is the best one (not my photo of course!)


That is a lot better then the previous video they made. Nice to see a good summation by Rob M0VFC at the very end. Not sure what steam engines has to do with anything though :wink:

And they are finally acknowledging the existence of SOTA over IOTA at last !.

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What summit is that with the picnic table? Who is the young GI-sounding chap?

Thats Josh Morrison, 2I0TXB. He came on the ’ DX Expedition’ with me and two other Irish amateurs.

He was keen on SOTA when I took him up a few of the South Wales summits, not sure if he has logged any of his contacts though in the database, I shall take a look now.


Yes, it’s very good. It’s also, for those that were not aware, just the latest in a series. They are mostly the work of Heather Parsons the RSGB Communications Manager, she has been doing a very good job of raising the profile of Amateur Radio in the social media.


Well, I have just stumbled across this promo video for “Reddit Net”. Certainly kept me focused, especially the intriguing idea of making food whilst having a QSO…

Shes totally correct on the BaoFeng comment too :wink:

Anyway, an interesting approach !