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RSGB Convention last weekend

Did anyone here attend? I think Marc G0AZS gave a talk on SOTA.



In reply to G3CWI:

Hi Richard,

I attended the event and I met up with Jack COX while there, the SOTA talk was very informative and gave a good overview of the Website, what SOTA is about and the sort equipment that is commonly used and was aimed at letting the uninitiated know what was is going on, I believe.

It was in the VHF stream of lectures so not sure if many H.F. types were there, but from what I overheard and talking to others some of the guys may try it out either as chasers or activators.

Nick G0HIK

Marc G0AZS has done a fantastic job updating the SOTA Powerpoint presentation that we use for such events. It was originally created by John G3WGV, and I have been adding bits and updating it while doing my programmes of club talks and rallies over the years, but Marc really has taken it to the ‘next level’ for his presentation at the Convention.

Needless to say, I will now be ‘helping myself’ to all Marc’s input for any club talks from now on.

If anyone thinks their club (or another known to them) might be interested in a SOTA talk, then please give them my email (easy to find on my website http://tomread.co.uk ). Also SOTA-themed talks about the Pennine Way, Gritstone Trail and Northern Ireland available, and one about “Licensed offshore pirate radio” (work that one out).


Yes the presentation seemed to go well and, despite a couple of schedule/room changes on the day, it was still a full house. Thanks to all those that helped me prepare for it.

It was particularly nice to meet a few familiar calls in person during my time at the event including Jack GM4COX and Bert DF5WA.

73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:

Hi Marc,

I attended your talk and enjoyed it very much. It was good to see so much interest. I tried to catch you at the end to talk about Wendover Woods (I have controlled an orienteering event there) but you had too many people queueing up.

I will try to get to WW in the near future as it is not too far from Bracknell but as it is a flat walk in from the car park it feels like cheating. I may get my wife 2E1FKA to drop me at the entrance and walk up.

Do you know who owns the big Ham station on the NE edge of Wendover woods? It obviously had a big antenna farm at some time and has a big shack in the garden.

Well done with the talk, keep up the good work


Mike G4DDL

In reply to G4DDL:
Hi Mike

Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed it.

I have competed up at Wendover Woods and I wonder if you were the controller. Which club do you belong to? My O club membership has lapsed so I am IND at the moment.

As for the station you mention, I’m not sure without having a more precise location. There are a handful of hams on the top of the Chilterns around there.

73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:


I was controller for the Chiltern Challenge up there about 5 yrs ago, when the event centre was the RAF Halton Camp.

I am a member of BKO (Berkshire Orienteers) but have been relatively inactive due to injury. I am controlling the next TVOC Chiltern Challenge at Nettlebed next year.

The station I mean is located on the NE corner of the O map ( or more accurately just off the area) next to the road that runs N-S up the hill to the E of wendover woods. I used the edge of the field it is in as a route to two controls that were located in that corner of the map. There used to be a number of telegraph poles in the field, presumably used for some form of Rhombic. There were a number of antennas still there, a biggish ‘shack’ and some trailer masts in the down position. I went through the call book but couldn’t match it with anyone, but I did not have the street addresss or postcode.

Thanks again for the talk, I was the white haired guy at the very back who passed on some info about the google KML files that Richard has on his website


Mike G4DDL