RRT still working?

Anybody know if RRT still talks to SOTAwatch. I just tried mine ahead of my upcoming trip to Germany and although it looks like my test spot went through, it didnt appear on SW. Also looking back at spots over the last xxx hours there doesnt appear to be any from RRT. I can always spot on SW but I find RRT faster.

Hej Steve,

it still worked for me on Sunday. But still not very reliable as it seems to not forward all tx-spots. I always use RRT for the comfy self-spot and SW to verify the spot went through.


Thanks Pom, may just be a temporary glitch.

Hi Steve,
Well RRT is still receiving spots OK. Just sent a test spot from RRT via Internet. It came through OK. I will now delete it from the website.

Of course RRT will not display spots that have the word Test in their text (but the website does).

Does your upcoming trip to Germany include a trip to Friedrichshafen? If so hope to catch up at the QSL wall at noon on one of the days.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed - no Fried for me this year, 8 days in Thuringia summits, geocaches & wine. I have uninstalled RRT & will go home and reinstall via my wifi.

RRT worked fine numerous times for me tonight from G/SE-003 (Phone signal wasn’t up to much though :frowning: )

I did see several spots via RRT which mysteriously didn’t exist on the website… very strange.



Don, I uninstalled then re-installed the app, that cured it for me. All I need now is to work out how to make it remember my sotawatch password instead of having to enter it every time. Hope the ferries are back to normal tomorrow night so I can get a cross the channel.

Hope your having a good time over there Steve, you found a pub with Sky TV for tonight’s game?

73 Chris M0RSF