RP and SR experience

Hi folks,

Thanks for joining me during this weekend. Glad to see that some chasers have “always been there” :slight_smile: WX was great and some locations offered a nice view.

That’s been 11 references of which 9 were a pleasure. The last RP only yielled 17 Qs in 8min of regular operating time. Why? Well, some people insisted on keying “call?” “ur call?” instead of hanging on. I gave my call at least 3 times within that period of time which is more than I’m officially required. Sorry for those who missed that reference but I don’t have any interest in listing to QRMers, especially if they create intentional QRM while trying to copy a weak one.
The last SR today was accompagnied by one of those alligators described by Roy in his April news. It started well, but when DL6UNF came up with his usual show, there’s been no chance to copy the weak ones anymore. It’s been especially annoying when trying to work someone with all different letters in the callsign. He’s been doing this for quite some months and seems to be resistent to learn. PSE QSY or NIL do not seem to work. It’s even more rude to give the call 2-3 times. Anyway, he won’t make it in any of my logs anymore, those who know him, may pass on the message. I know from others, that I’m not the only one who has to suffer from this bad-mannered behaviour. Sorry for those who won’t make it in the log when he shows up.

Until some other time.
73 Norby

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Hi Norby, Thanks for an amazing weekend with lots of uniques too. I think we worked on 9 out of the 11 summits you toured and we managed all 6 summits today, which is the birthday of Samual Morse, the father of the code, hi.
Congratulations on your tour, superbly well done.



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Thanks Norby for SR-50 and SR-62. I guess i was one of the weak ones, running QRP, but the antenna setup was not the best, the trees was not high enough for my deltaloop…

73 Chris SM5KRI/P

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Hi Norby

Many thanks for an excellent 11 SOTA weekend. You made a lot of chasers very happy.

This was made all the more outstanding due to the abysmal propagation conditions on 40m where deep and rapid QSB resulted in many contacts being below S4, causing many requests for repeats.

A magnificent achievement.


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Indeed a very fine achievement Norby. Although I only got 8 of your 11, it was a sterling effort and much appreciated. Conditions were very strange and not helped by the behaviour of a few. As Fritz says, perhaps a tired smile is the best antidote for your undoubted frustrations, and once worked they tend to disappear. Other than naming and shaming, there is little else that can be done. After all, some of them might not even realise they are causing problems and offence.

Best 73’s

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Hallo Norby,
ich habe immer gedacht, dass Bergfunker eine grosse Familie sind und zusammen halten, aber Pustekuchen. Seit geraumer Zeit hast Du ein Problem mit mir, denn Du wünscht kein QSO mit mir. Den Grund dafür kenne ich nicht, aber ich finde es schon unfair.
Zum Anderen wollte ich die Sache nicht über diese Plattform austragen, aber
wer in den Wald ruft bekommt auch ein Echo. Ich hätte die Sache gern mit einen persönlichen Gespräch geklärt(Tel.-Nr.03561/552918).
Gruss an Manu, die ich wie Manfred persönlich kenne.
73 und alles Gute
von Frank DL6UNF