Rooster & Peanut Warm Up WØ/FR-063 for May 1

Phil/KL8DX and Suann/KL8SU on their way back to Alaska from vacationing in the lower 48 stop by Colorado to visit Peanut & Rooster for a goat hike up Mt Herman. Phil snags some amazing DX while on top. The goats are up to their usual tricks and antics. Great day on the mountain! Fun time for all!

See for yourself:

73, Steve …wGØAT/R&P

Great video Steve. Looks like the goats were really enjoying themselves, and Phil too! I would like to try to work you S2S on May 1st. I guess 20m CW after 1800z might do the trick?

I am tempted to take my pets out on SOTA activations if the weather is nice - but don’t know if I could keep up with the tortoises or carry the weight of the lettuce for their food.