Rollover Question

HNY all.

We know that it is permissible to go to a summit and activate on Dec 31 prior to UTC midnight and then to activate on 1 January after UTC midnight and score double points as these are regarded as two activations in different years. I’ve also seen it stated that the activator determines when his activation starts and ends.

Suppose I get two contacts before rollover and 6 after. The December 31 activation looks like a bust, but if I declare the first 4 contacts are one activation and the next 4 are a second activation can I now claim the double points?


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The only reason not to do so is that you know really you didn’t get 4 QSOs on Dec 31st and the “double dipping” that you can do at New Year is based on the principle of at least 4 QSOs before and after Jan 1 00:00Z. But it’s perfectly legal to do what you describe.


‘Legal’ ??? Errr…… when did the SOTA rules become the law? :crazy_face:

HNY to all.