Roll of Honour Loading in continuous looping

From yesterday when I look to the completes honour roll for I association the program loops without charging data. See pic.

I cannot exit from this loop if I want to see the completes.

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Working fine here:

Maybe hit “Ctrl + F5” to force reload the page?
Or clear cookies in your browser.

Good luck

The two solutions were not good. The problem is only in Completes wiewing, all other (chaser, uniques etc) are running ok.

Can I point you at this post

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I guess it takes too long to get it from the db

Edit: Andy was faster ^^

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Deleting the cookies it functions but as I call the CW mode, instead of all modes, the loop begins again. Not a big problem but something is not running as desired

Please see my post of Andrew’s reply. Setting a band or mode breaks the current build of the software. You will have to wait till we release the next version of the software which fixes this and adds some new features which should be most welcome.

I’ll wait, not a big problem for me. Thanks a lot.