Rocky Mountain Goat K0JQZ

Congratulations to Frank,K0JQZ who made MG and had a birthday too!
Merle & Herm

Congrats, Great Job
Thanks for the contacts in 2015 and Points
HNY de W4DOW (Dow in W4V

Great achievement Frank and I know you had fun earning the award. Now it’s Mizz Lynn’s turn to become the first female SOTA Goat here in the US.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats OM on your achievement especially with mountains of Colorado.
Thanks too for all the Q’s.

72/73 de Dennis


Congratulations from all of us! You earned MG with many challenging, high activations here in Colorado - and you have been a patient chaser for many of us as well! I know we share our enjoyment of CW HF activations on less-travelled summits.


George Carey Fuller

Congratulations Frank on achieving MG. It has always been a pleasure working you and Lynn from the summits. I look forward to meeting you both someday during one of your visits to NC.

73 Rich N4EX

Congrats Frank great achievement. Frank really suffers from identity crisis cause he was known as the other guy that hiked with WG0AT and now he is the guy who hikes with Lynn! But she does share her KX3!

Congratulations Frank! Always a pleasure working you and Lynn from the peaks in Colorado.

73, and HNY

Walt NE4TN

Congrats Frank!
A real achievement in a place where even the 2-pointers are way up in the sky!
Be listening for you today.

Best, Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Frank, that’s excellent. Thanks for the S2Ss and I hope we have more in our future.
Malcolm VE2DDZ

PS. Your QSL card arrived, thanks.

Congrats Frank!