Riedkopf OE/VB-132 the first + second

Riedkopf OE/VB-132 the first:
Last Sunday - 40m: contest 30m: I called, no answer - qrm, no good propagation or should I upgrade my 30m antenna? Not been heard.
Not qualified.

Riedkopf OE/VB-132 the second:
Yesterday 27th March
We were in a good time on the summit, but I was doubtful about my radioactivity and my accompany wanted to ski down.
1)breakable crust about noon
2)safty reasons: On this summit you should have passed some avalanche slope at noon.
…we´d firn all the way downhill.
No radio activation, not qualified.
Sorry and thank you to the hams, who had been waiting on the radio.

arno oe9amj 73