Richard K4AAE, newest W4C Goat

Well deserved congrats to Richard upon reaching Mountain Goat on Wednesday 22-April-2020 while Activating W4C/CM-025 (Blue Knob). He reached Goat using FM and SSB which in the current band conditions is quite a challenge.

Very pleased to add him to my log on his Goat-day and summit.

vy 73, Bruce W2SE


Congrats Richard, and welcome to the herd!
73 and BAAA!

Congrats Richard , and welcome to the herd!
73 and BAAA!

congratulations Richard keep it up, sorry but could not hear you

Congratulations, Richard!

I’m glad I had a chance to work you on your GOAT summit!

73, Walt

Congrats Richard,
Great fun chasing you especially on 60 Meters a challenge here in the Midwest.
All the very best,
73/72 Dennis

Congratulations Richard on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Richard! You’ve got some nice summits over there in W4C!
Keith KR7RK

Congrats Richard on being an official MG :goat: ! No luck hearing you on the 22nd. 73 Karen

Congratulations Richard. It’s been a pleasure chasing you many many times. Enjoy your accomplishment. 73 de Scotty

Also of note, it was the first activation of Blue Knob. Well done Richard. Keep climbin those hills!
Scott kw4jm

Congrats Richard! Welcome to the herd!
Mike NS1TA

Congratulation Richard, and welcome to the herd.


Lee - N7LP

Congratulations Richard! Thank you for all the contacts and I look forward to many more as you go for Double Goat. :slight_smile:

Derek WF4I

Way to go Richard. Outstanding accomplishment in a short time.
Looking forward to your continuing activations, Chip, K2KJD

Congratulations Richard. Always a pleasure to work you on a summit.
Looking forward to many more.
de John Paul // AB4PP

Congratulations Richard on your Goat success. It’s always great to work you and mostly on 60m. Look forward to catching up with you agn soon.
Gary K3TCU

Many congratulations, Richard, on a job well done! Thanks for all the contacts and we hope to work you many more times. :hiking_boot:

Ron and Liz

Congratulations Richard! I’m glad to have been one of your 1st four Q’s on your MG summit!

Andy, N4LAG

Congratulatons! Bob AC1Z