Richard, K4AAE, Double Goat

Richard, K4AAE, just earned Double Mountain Goat on W4V/WV-006, Flattop Mountain, in Virginia. Please join Liz and me in congratulating him on this hard to achieve accomplishment.

Way to go, Richard, and thanks for all the contacts!

Ron and Liz
KI4TN and K1LIZ :hiking_boot:


CONRATS, Richard!
Nice to work you on 40M from AZ


Congrats Richard on making 2X Goat status.

Gary A. -W0MNA

Congrats Richard on 2x :goat: :goat: MG baa baa! ~ 73 Karen

Congrats Richard! And you went from new SOTA to 2xMG in 14 mos! Fantastic!

Thanks for all the activations. I’m glad to be in your 2xMG log!

Andy, N4LAG

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Boom! 14 months from the first activation and here you are a double goat. I’m green with envy of you for all the places you’ve gone and the sites you’ve seen. Thank you for allowing me to chase you for 12 of those!

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Congratulations, Richard!
Glad I made it in your log today.

Gary W5GDW

Congratulations, Richard! Thanks for all the contacts and now on to triple Goat!

73, Walt

Congratulations Richard!!


Congratulations, Richard! Glad I could reach you on your 2MG summit.
73, Peter KD0YOB

Congratulations Richard. Always good to hear you on the summits.
Look forward to many more.
72/73 de John Paul // AB4PP

Congrats Richard and thanks for the S2S today from your Double MG summit! Makes it even more special.

Keith KR7RK

Good work Richard. Keep climbin those hills!
Scott Kw4jm

Congratulations Richard on your 2X Goat summit! Glad I could participate!
Thanks for all the chaser points too! 121 times in my log
many of those 10 pointers and a lot of them were uniques.
Gary K3TCU

Congratulations on 2x times MG Richard quite an achievement in a short time thanks for all the contacts and pleased to have worked you on Flattop hope for many more.

Congratulations, Richard!
Glad I made it in your log today 20M

Congratulations Richard! Bob AC1z