Rich, N4EX, passes 80,000 chaser points

Rich, N4EX, has gone passed the 80,000 chaser point mark. Rich is the top chaser in NA, with no one else close. Rich is always in my activation logs and has a great signal. He is routinely among the strongest east coast stations into the west coast. A great guy and a courteous operator. Congratulations, Rich!


Congrats, Rich! Truly impressive.
Listening for you up on the hilltops.

Also my congratulations to a superior chaser. Rich is always on the hunt and is a great activator as well.
Wishing you all the best OM and hope to catch you on an activation soon. 73 Rich

Congratulations Rich on the 80k chaser points as well as the Mountain Goat status with 165 activations! Well done!
73, Walt NE4TN

Congrats! Quite an effort, always appreciate a Q from NC when conditions permit.

73 de NU7A/Bren

Congrats God Job
73 de W4DOW

Another tip of our hats to you!
KB1RJD Merle

Congrats Rich!

Always great to hear you answer my pipsqueak CQ’s. Thanks for so many QSO’s on the summits.

73, Jim K7MK

I’m pretty sure Rich is in my log a few times…I mean a few Hundred times!

Thanks Rich…always an “expected” pleasure to work you from a summit.



Outstanding performance Rich. This is a hard level to achieve, especially these days with the bands in poor shape. Congrats on both the chaser point level and activator. Always look forward to hearing your call in the mix when chasing.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations, Rich!! Thank you for always being there for my activations. I always enjoy your calls!

Dave - AE9Q

Holy smokes that is a lot of points! Congrats Rich! Many thanks for all the contacts my friend.

73, Brad

I’ll echo the chorus of congratulations Rich. Great job on an incredible achievement. And if I remember correctly, the first 30-40 thousand were worked using QRP!

You always exemplify important attributes of professionalism and courtesy in your summit chasing. You have mastered the art of listening! You are a good role model for others.

Randy, ND0C

I just checked and Rich is tied for #4 in my logbook, so I guess he still has opportunity for advancement. :wink:
Thanks for all the Q’s Rich.


Congrats Rich!

You’re on all but 2 of my 6 (so far) activations. Including last June’s trip to Sassafrass Mountain when you were my only contact, really bad cndx that day.

Nice going on chasing and activating,

Mike, N4VBV

Amazing! Thanks for all the support up on the peaks.


Mike - ke5akl

Congratulations Rich! Today was my first activation and Rich was the first chaser I logged today. Thanks again Rich!

Congrats on a mind-boggling score from the US. Also mind boggling is your unique summit score around 7000! You have certainly set the bar high! Thanks for all the activator points, as well. I have no doubt that you will be the first outside of Europe to reach 100K points. Keep on truckin’!
73/Tommy W7RV

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. A particular thanks to all the activators who make chaser points possible. After 54 years in the hobby, I can say without hesistation that SOTA is the most enjoyable aspect that I have ever been involved in. 73 Rich N4EX


Native modesty, chapeau Rich!