Rhobell Fawr

Looking at doing Rhobell Fawr on Saturday all being well WX wise.
Ready previous reports there seems to be no issues following this route to the park up in the woods
With just 3 gates to open/close on the way up and down - is this still the case?


When I was up there no forestry works happening so access was fine, the track was a bit rough after the 3rd gate , but ok if you take time with a car 73 MW7DBF.

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Thanks. I should be OK in the Landy :slight_smile:
When did you last go up

Last Summer, I parked by the FP sign to the Dduallt, was a bit wet even then underfoot in places on the way up , hope weather will improve for you for Saturday cheers

Cheers. I hope the weather improves as well. Being rain free would be a great help.

Being last to activate it, went fine.

I parked at the fork in the forest track and then walked a couple of hundred meters down a track, then turned left up the hill. There’s a good wall to follow all the way to the top, so good in bad vis or when I was coming down in the dark!

73s and have fun,


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Thanks.No issues with local farmers etc?

None at all, but only really room to park at the fork so not to block access, the track seemed too narrow to park anywhere else

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Hi John @M0VAZ,

I’ve done Rhobell Fawr a few times now. The route Jared is referring to is the route I put up on SOTLAS last year. It’s very direct, follows a wall most of the way to the trig. See below for reference:

GPX file link here:

I’ve driven up 4 times in total now, and never had any issues from the farmer. I’ve passed a few trucks / quad bikes on my way up, and I’ve just waved and they’ve waved back.

I parked on the forestry road verge, I’ve also got a landy 90 which will go anywhere. Please find image below with a circle on, that’s where I parked and the route began a few steps out of the 90:

It’s a great hike - good luck!

73, Ben


Hi John,

No Land Rover here so I parked a bit further South at the fork on the LHS when approaching from the south and then took Gerald’s (MW0WML) ‘descent’ route for both ascent & descent.

Whatever route you take, enjoy it; the view at the top is the same :slight_smile:

Came across this rebel on the way down.


73, Robert


Thanks Ben, can’t download GPX from the Explore website but I can get the one from Sotlas, and thanks as well Robert.