Hello everyone,

Thursday morning we are leaving for Germany (Bad Dürkheim) for a weeks (well deserved) holiday with my wife and the youngest daughter.

I have prepared all the necessary (I hope) kit to activate some summits in the DM/RP region. I have found a few in the area. Ref. go from DM/RP-280 till 299. Don’t know which one it will be. As far a s I know there’s internet in the hotel and I hope to alert shortly before leaving.

This will all be weather dependend and it is a family holiday so no promises but I’ll do my best as I know there are several that have never been activated before. And this would be my first activation abroad.

Freq’s will be the usual for SOTA: CW: 7.032 - 10.118 and SSB: 7.118 - 7.096 and we’ll see from there.

Hope to catch as many as possible !!


Hello everyone,

Just to let you know there will no more activations from DM/RP. Weather predictions for today are rain and we are leaving thursday morning.Tomorrow looks better but it will time spent with the family.

There will be a full report when I get home.



Good morning,

I have just added my log from DM/RP-282.

It was a very pleasant experience this one. My first one abroad. I drove to the small village of Eshtal were the road ended. This village was completely surrounded by mountains. RP-283 and RP-284 were just a quick stroll away from the one I activated, but time was running out. I should have left earlier in the morning so that could have done a least 2 instead of one. These are all beginners mistakes one has to learn from.

The weather was beautiful and around 23°c.The assent was about 20 minutes walk rather steep, but when I was close to the top I had an opening to the east where the trees were cut down. No problems to put the antenna up. It was a 24ft fishpole and I used the vertical for this activation. Power was 10w and tx the Icom 703.

Activation lastet about 2h30, 51 QSO were made and 60% was CW and 40% SSB. 40m and 30m were used.

Sorry if the CW was not all that good but there were a lot of (some nice) creepy crawlies about and I got easily distracted. A one time a squirrel was laughing at me from a short distance and I’m pretty sure he showed me his middle finger ). Still the place was really quiet and peaceful.

These are the countries I worked: DL, PA, 9A, HB, G, OM, ON, SM, OK, GW, OE. 11 Dxcc in total.

Sorry to have missed Klaus on BW-521, but he was not strong with me so I must have been too weak. But I managed albeit under difficult conditions, a QSO with DH8DX/P from TH-116. Thanks Daniel !!

Thanks for all that worked me and especially for those in CW for their patience. It is a totally different story if you’re out there than if you are in you comfy chair at home.

73, cuagn from another SOTA
de Peter, ON3WAB