Hello, has anyone any experience using this?

Are there any better alternatives?

£250 Andy HaHa… Rip off Britain… What is it supposed to be able to do. RF find what?


Not having one perhaps?

:open_mouth: Seems incredibly expensive compared to ready built zum spot alternatives to be had for £70 or less …and way more than something you could easily build for yourself with a pi zero w and suitable hat for much less in total…

Maybe I’m missing something but I cant see it :man_shrugging:

Try reading the product description! It’s a digital modes hotspot.

Agreed, it’s expensive. Just interested if it actually works and looking at options. I’m not a computer whiz.

I know you did a review of something similar on your channel Richard, but I seem to remember it stopped working after a while - hence my query.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Marc :wink:. I must have a look at this.

I’m interested in a portable (lightweight and preferably self-contained) hot-spot for fusion/D-star. I’m not keen on spending £250! Just starting some research.

Computer experience: many people struggle with the simplest of tasks. (That’s not a criticism by the way.)

Setting up a Pi hotspot is not possible for such people. They can learn, it’s not hard but involved and there’s a long path starting from no knowledge to knowing what to do, how to setup and maintain such a device. It also requires patience and regular practice.

In some cases the install/setup instructions are nice and easy to follow and if everything works then it really is just a matter of following the numbered steps. It’s when there is the slightest deviation that people with less/limited experience will get stuck.

You are simply exchanging your learned experience (i.e. time invested) for cash up front for a turnkey solution.

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I’ll guess instead, too much else to read here. it’s meant to connect your digital amateur radio to t’internet. Not my bag man…


And therein lies the joy of this hobby Phil!

FT8, contesting, rag chewing, digital, SSTV, satellites…

I’m only scratching the surface of everything that is possible under the heading of amateur radio. Some of it holds more interest for me than other aspects.

Indeed but I was no expert and assembled the hotspot below for £40 including the pi zero, jumbo spot kit (inc case) and sd card. Solder the headers, mount the hat, case it up and download Pi-Star. …and that’s all part of the fun. You wouldn’t want it to be TOTALLY plug and play would you? :wink: …which DV is really not!

You missed out the most important for me chasing DX and the most obvious on this reflector chasing and activating SOTA!

Also we must not forget getting your station and antennas up to the highest possible standard within the constraints imposed upon you, and learning along the way, whether it be computer involvement, operating skills, getting the best out of your equipment etc. What a marvellous lifelong hobby we have Andy.

73 Phil


However, back OT… So far only Marc has given me food for thought on the subject (thanks Marc). I’m looking at the jumbo spot options, which seems to offer everything the RFinder does apart from the internal battery, for less money. Anyone with other recommendations?

Given you can pick Marc’s brains I’d go with what he bought assuming it supports the DV mode you want to use.