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Request to activators

Dear Jan,
it’s sad to know you found some extrange behaviour when chasing.

As an activator it is sometimes not easy to deal with some less polite operators with bad habits, although I try to work everybody and move on.

As a chaser I have not experienced what you describe, but if I found myself in such a situation I wouldn’t worry too much, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to understand why there is anybody not wishing to have a qso with me or with any other; that’s not ham spirit.

Jan, it is always a pleasure to hear you on air, we frequently meet on air chasing together by chance, and it is a joy when we meet for a S2S.
All the best for you, and keep enjoying the hobby, the nature and friendhip.

VY 73 es CU, Ignacio


Hello Jan,

I can’t see any problems with your approach as an activator. If there were any, I would be ‘guilty’ of the same: I do chase S2S on SSB but most of my activations are CW only. There are obvious reasons and personal preferences for that.

Apparently not all chasers are happy with this approach but I think that the activator (who spends time on each activation and sometimes faces unpleasant weather conditions) is the one who rules.

As others have written here: Don’t worry about a single opinion but move on. There are many others waiting for your call.
For my part, I’m always happy to hear you calling, usually with a very good timing and pitch so it’s easy to copy.
Thanks for the S2S last Sunday and looking forward to our next QSO!

73, Roman


Hello Jan

You are one of my SOTA heroes and I always enjoy working you! It has all been said by others but I just wanted to add my support.

73 & Happy New Year.

Nick G4OOE


Me too :slight_smile: I am especially disappointed when some chasers call me when they should be clearly hearing that I am still in a conversation with somebody else. They should have the courtesy of waiting till I say QRZ or call CQ again.
Also, in a pile-up when stations all over the world (well, at least Europe :slight_smile: ) call me, they should have the patience to follow my directions, when I say e.g. “British stations, please”. But then I hear the lone British station, but before I get the whole callsign, French / German / … stations call me also. I hear seven stations, none of them fully, so I can’t answer any of them :frowning:
I try to take all stations that call me (except when the weather turns bad unexpectedly).

73 de Martin / HBGVW

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As a relatively new comer to both Amateur Radio and SOTA (… only 13 summits over 3 months), I am both a bit shocked and surprised to read your words. I, for one, am grateful for our two QSOs when attempting ‘first’ activations in I/LZ. Till our next QSO,

73, Lea


Hi Allen,
the conditions of dissemination were excellent. I heard activator 59. And when I didn’t call, I checked the signal output and turned on the PA. So I could have up to 100 times more power and still I didn’t call. And the activator says in his email that it was my intention not to answer me.
vy73 Jan

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Dear friends,
I have read your posts and thank you very much for them.
It reads beautifully.
I wish everyone health, well-being and a lot of fun from our entertainment.
vy73 Jan

P.S. One type in conclusion: SOTA and thermal baths.
For the last activation in HA, I visited the thermal lake in Hévíz near Lake Balaton.
The large natural lake provides warm healing mineral water with slightly radiant effects.


Hello Jan

This looks very good!

I also love to go to the sauna after a winter activation.

73 Armin


Hello Armin,
here you can choose (and pay) either swimming in the thermal lake, sauna and wellness or spa treatments.

73 Jan

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That’s a great outfit Roger! I think it should be compulsory attire for activations, @ZL4RA would look great in it too!
Geoff ZL3GA