Request for HB0 EA7 DL GM Summit to Summit

Hi all SOTA enthusiasts in Europe

I plan to activate Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037 on Sunday 8 Nov 15 from 0630 UTC
through to VK1 sunset at 08:40 UTC. I am seeking an additional summit for each of
HB0, EA7, DL and a first for GM. Any takers anywhere in Europe for a 20m SSB S2S contact?

73, Andrew VK1NAM

Hi Andrew,
I can only offer you some EA2/NV…
Does it interest you?
73 de Guru

Hi Guru

I will chat to anyone who is willing to get out of bed early! Yes please, chasing an EA2 summit is a good option. :smile:

I will be operating a FT-857D at 30 to 40 watts. So far this week LP to Europe has been okay.

73, Andrew VK1NAM

OK, the weather forecast for the weekend here is pretty good so I think I’ll go out again and activate something for sure, unless my xyl decides I must do something else… I hope not.
I haven’t yet decided which one I’ll activate, but I’m going to start searching and preparing right now.
I’ll let you know.
Take care and good luck with your hike to Mt Taylor + activation.
Hope to copy you soon from some of the summits around here which I haven’t yet activated.
I’ll use a GP made of 7m long vertical wire + 4 counterpoise wires elevated or layed on ground, depending on what I’ll find up there in the summit. The rig will be FT-817ND at 5W.
73 de Guru

Hi Andrew,
I’ve identified a summit called Zenborain EA2/NV-125 for my Sunday morning activation.
I should be on air by around 8 utc.
In the following map you’ll see my QTH locator and the chosen summit is the 2 pointer just above the EA2 in the begining of the summit label EA2/NV-125 - Zenborain

I hope many other activators will feel like getting up early and being on air from a SOTA summit so we can all have S2S QSOs.
Best 73 de Guru

Thanks Guru and Ed.


Lets hope the “glancing blow” CME has passed by tomorrow morning - at the moment the bands are pretty quiet here.

My posted activation time tomorrow (0700) could be + 15 minutes.

If another DL can get out portable it would be good as my small amp has stopped working again, I’ll try to fix it today but if not it’ll only be 5W instead of 15W from my end.


OK amplifier fixed and working again but unfortuantely I’m not feeling so great at the moment (I suspect a flu bug), so are there any other DL activators able to go out early tomorrow morning to give Andrew his required S2S into DL region in case I don’t make it please?


Hi Ed,
I hope you’ll recover by tomorrow.
There are people having bad stomach feeling, some of them throwing out and so on over here, but it looks like it’s another of these 24 hours viruses.
Weather is absolutely perfect here with great blue sky and temperatures between 15 and 22° C.
I have activated Mt. San Cristobal with great pleasure this morning and I’ll do Mt. Zenborain tomorrow as expected.
Good luck and hope to hear you tomorrow for a S2S.
73 de Guru

Will hopefully catch you in DM/NS.


Hi Guru and all

I’lle be at CT/ES-004 Monte Manique tomorrow morning, I expect to be on the air by 10 AM.

Hope to make a S2S QSO with you.

Vy 73


20 metres seems to have been well down this morning. I had the rig tuned to your spotted frequency, but didn’t hear anything except, briefly, some voice at ESP levels shortly after 07:15z…

Hi Guru,
Felt better after a good nights sleep so went out and activated but unfortunately couldn’t hear Andrew VK1NAM/P. Worked a few stations on 20 & 40m though.Conditions not the best and contest stations everywhere!


Neither on DM/NS-121. I was qrv 0745 - 0845 but all I heard was some EA and contest stations transmitting in ssb-wide. But anyway I was rewarded with JA2 (20m), JA7 + RK9 (17m), PY2 (10m) and 2 s2s, including Guru. He told me he couldn’t pick VK1NAM either. Seems propagation wasn’t that bad, but no path to VK.


Shame Andrew that we couldn’t have our S2S QSO.
I got to the summit about 10 minutes before the scheduled time, but it took me about 20m to set up so I looked into Sotawatch and saw you were spotted on 14.320
I went there but couldn’t copy anything. I gave you a couple of calls just in case you were QRV awaiting on the frequency but nothing, just silence…
I proceeded with my activation and I had a lot of fun with as many as 84 QSOs on the log between 30m (CW) and 20m SSB, 7 of which were S2S.
Thank you, Pom, for your call and S2S QSO.
Best 73 de Guru