Request for filtered summitslist.csv


when fetching summitslist.csv, the data transmitted is quite large for all the summits; in reality, I am only interested in the summits of my own association.

I periodically synchronize the official summits to my own storage (which acts as a cache). The way I’m handling it now is, fetch all summits, and then throw away most of them. I already make use of if-modified-since to reduce the load to a minimum, but I have the feeling that a global change happens way more often than a change in my association.

From an efficiency perspective, I’d much prefer retrieving only the relevant summits, e.g. via optional query parameters. The fetch fails from time to time, and I suspect the mere size of the payload has something to do with it (the connection is closed externally

David OE5IDT.

Doesn’t provide what you look for ?

SOTLAS (See “download” at the top of the page).

If not, try

Swagger: Swagger UI