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Report of activity F/AM-200 by F6HBI/P

Hello all,

Thanks for the Qso from Pointe du Genepi yesterday 27/08/2012,
and sorry for the OM i could not give a report;
when i am not alone on a summit, i can not stay to long doing qso’s.
I have been activing once again a summit in a Natura 2000 Zone (FFF-069 “Parc du Mercantour”.
The mountain de L’Estop, whose summit is “La Pointe du Genepi” at
2764m over the sea level, is right in the middle of the Parc and it is a no man’s land where nobody goes!
As the name is you can find some Genepi, and also some Edeilwess;
(attention it is absoluty forbidden to pick it up and you can get a very heavy fine for that!).
We have seen some “mountain goat” and a young doe like Bambi witch was having a rest in the forest.

Best 73 and cuagn, Gérald

album photo: