Report GM/WS-065 (Beinn Eunaich) and GM/WS-071 (Be

Two rarely activated hills were our objective yesterday, mostly as they were the third and second last of the Munros my wife’s has left to do (more of that later). Only Robin (GM7PKT) has activated these two before (on two occasions)

The forecast was spectacularly rough and it did not let us down! Although sunny when we left the car it was windy at glen level. We soon had the first of the heavy and hail ridden showers, a pattern was then set for the day.

We dipped in and out of the cloud as we neared the summit of Beinn a Chochuill GM/WS-071. A quick photo at the summit, with small pools of hail surrounding the cairn and a 30-40MPH wind with gusts of over 50MPH. We then scooted off to the east end of the summit cone and found a rock to cower behind for the activation. I had to get the Emergency Shelter (KISU) out for us both to get in. Sue did a magnificent job of holding the 2m dipole upright for me while I connected my Yaesu FM handheld. I then furiously tried to make the contacts required in as short a time as possible before we got hypothermia! Thanks to Bob(MM0RDT), Colwyn(MM6YCJ), Fred(GM0GOV) and Andy(MM0USU) for 10 mins of quick work. I did call again, but when no reply was received I quickly took the chance to shutdown.

Packed up in double quick time to start the hours walk to the other summit Beinn Eunaich GM/WS-065.

The gusts were even worse as we approached the second summit as we were climbing the windward side of the hill now. Hung on to Sue near the top as she does not like the wind as much these days.

Quick photo at the top with Sue holding up one finger - one Munro to go!

This time there was nowhere to hide from the wind on the summit except behind the cairn. Again Sue held the antenna up and Fred(GM0GOV) answered my second CQ and was quickly followed by Andy(MM0USU) and MM0GRK(also Gerald) then finally John(GM7OIN). There were no takers after this and I again took the chance to shutdown quickly and start the battle down.

Sue will be tackling her last Munro - Beinn na Lap - next Saturday. So I hope to make some quick contacts from there. All welcome at the summit at around 2pm BST. We are getting the late morning train from Bridge of Orchy.