Report from workshop to build 2m J-Antenna

Hello everyone,

Last weekend Michael OE5HKT and myself gave a workshop to build a 2m roll-up J-Antenna based on Peter OE5AUL sk design.

English summary:
8 people, some of them licences amateurs or just preparing for their licence exam and members of the makerspace Grand Garage in Linz (Austria) met up to learn how to build and measure a roll-up J-Antenna.

In about 4,5h everyone managed to build this antenna. Lot’s of teamwork and helping each other with the challenging tasks was good fun. Soldering and crimping the SMA connector on RG-316 coax was next to carefully removing the insulation from the 300 Ohm ladderline the trickiest steps. For some it was the first time soldering so also an important skill to empower one in building stuff.
Everyone had great fun and got a working antenna as a result.

I know that some of those antennas will be used on SOTA summits or will help that chases have better chances to pick up signals from us calling CQ SOTA. So a win-win as they say :slight_smile:

As a side-effect I created a hand-out based on Peters hand drawn sketch that can be used as future reference.

Here a short german report and lot’s of nice pictures are available here: LINK

73 Joe


Well done Joe!
btw made the same antenna 2 weeks ago :wink:

And resonant on the right frequency?

Julian and I met in EA8/TF and talked about this antenna. So I think the demonstration worked - hi :slight_smile:

73 Joe


Yes works fine!
Can’t wait to test it on the next summit :wink:

Thx Joe!