Report EC2AG EA2/VI-066,Gorabea



Today no heavy rains were expected, so we decided to climb a new peak in the Basque Country.

EA2 / VI-066 GORABEA, the climb was not difficult but annoying due to the
rain had fallen, and it is very dirty mountain, much weeds, briars, and water quantity.

Activity was at all times QRP with Yaesu 817 and dipole inverted v, we got 2 S2S with EA2BDS Marcial, who was in EA1 / BU-080, Guard, and 2M0KAU / P in GM / SS-275.

60 contacts in just one hour.

greetings EC2AG

Bego in the jungle

Notifying family

73""Ec2ag Antonio


Hi Antonio,good job and good luck in further activation.
best 73 David OK4KOP

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Just could not reach you yesterday, could hear you, just could not reach you had same problems with German sotas, till early afternoon then finally reached one German Sota
Conditions are teasing again.


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