Report added - Plane, SOTA & Sleep: DM/BM-210 Moritzberg

Hi all,

I have a business trip early November this year to Nuremburg, Germany. Looking on the map the SOTA summit of Moritzberg DM/GM-210 is a 30 minute drive/taxi from where I will be staying - so I’m going to give it a go!

I can see a car park just below the summit and wondered is this where I would get dropped off to walk up through the forestry to the summit - see below image:

If anyone lives local and would like to do a joint activation, that would be great, but I just would like to know if this is where I’d park and walk.

Thanks in advance and 73, GW4BML. Ben


Hi Ben,

I am not local, but I have activated Moritzberg last year. We have parked exactely where you have indicated. From there it is just a short walk on the access road to the summit. There is a watchtower built of stone and brick in the summit area and a country inn which was not open when we were there. The activation zone stretches far to the south, no views, old hardwood forest. There was good cell phone coverage as far as I remember.

Have fun, 73, Heinz


Hi Heinz,

That’s great information - thank you very much! Looks like I’ll be packing the KX2 then to work HF as 2m FM doesn’t sound promising.

Thank you again!

73, Ben

Hi Ben,
you have alerted 18:00 UTC - it can be very difficult to get the 4 QSOs on 2 m FM in the evening. So take the KX2 for HF to be sure you get the 4 QSOs.
As @OE5EEP has already written: The parking place you have chosen can easily be reached by car / taxi. From there it is less than 15 minutes walk on the tarmac road leading to the restaurant. The tarmac road after the parking place is closed for public traffic - only the owner and delivery services are allowed to drive the last 800 m.
I have just uploaded a GPX-track and some pictures on to give you an impression.

Unfortunately for me 120 km away, so I cannot offer you a joint activation.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Hello Ben,
I am a beginner in SOTA and have made only a few activations!
But I have to drive to Moritzberg only 25 km, so we could have a joined activity!

73 de Karl, DL2NGT


Hello Karl, welcome to the fraternity and the fun of activating with others :+1:

Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Michael, thank you very much for the information and uploading your route and images. Looks like it is an easy summit to access, so will make sure I take HF with me. My times will hopefully be earlier than 18:00, I just need to book a hotel and organise a taxi. Once this has been arranged, I will then update my time.

Thank you very much again!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Hi Karl, welcome to the SOTA community - its a great friendly hobby :slight_smile: This sounds a great plan, I will PM you once I’ve booked a hotel and know better times - I look forward to a joint activation.

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Hi Ben,

Elaine and I have now planned a trip to Yorkshire from 4th November until 7th November for our anniversary.

Planning 3 G/TW Summits over the weekend.

Would love S2S with you but don’t think my timings will match?

will watch your alert to see if 20m is a possible?

Have a good trip anyway



Hi Tony,

I hope both Elaine and yourself are keeping well! It was good to make a S2S last Saturday when I was up in G/LD land.

Unfortunately I think I’ll be operating on Tuesday 7th November, so you may have already left by then? It’ll be in the afternoon. Would of been great to make a S2S on 20m!

Take care and 73, GW4BML. Ben


The fotos Michael @DB7MM has uploaded could illustrate a Stephen King novel! The summit is not really that spooky. I have up-loaded some fotos under better weather and light conditions. You get an idea of what to expect in the activation zone.

The country inn is closed on Mondays but should be open all other days according to their web page. I would not be surprised if this is just a seasonal operation.

73 Heinz

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Hello Ben,
I replied to your e-mail concerning Hotel in Nürnberg, etc. a few days ago!
I assume it did not reach you!
Please advice how to proceed!
73 de DL2NGT Karl

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Hi Ben

I’d recommend the Park Plaza - nice hotel opposite the Gewandhaus




Hi Karl,

I hope you keep well.

I did send you a message a few days ago but didn’t receive anything back yet I’m sorry. I have just sent you another PM now - please let me know if you haven’t received it.

73, GW4BML. Ben

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the info - I have managed to find a hotel, it’s the SPS exhibition, so everything is full that week :grinning:

73, BML

I saw your spot earlier today. I hope you were successfull and could enjoy the trip!

73 Heinz

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Hi Heinz

I didn’t stay listening for too long after my QSOs with Ben and Karl but they were a good 58 in north east England as we continue to enjoy good 20m daytime propagation into mainland Europe into the afternoons. I reckon it was a very successful activation. Sure to get a report from Ben I reckon when he has some free time.

73 de Phil G4OBK


Activation report of ‘Moritzberg’ DM/BM-210:

Tuesday 8th November 2022


Well that was a great bit of fun yesterday with Karl @DL2NGT on our joint SOTA activation from the summit of ‘Moritzberg’ DM/BM-210.

As you were aware from my above message, I had a business trip to Nuremburg in Germany. As us SOTA folk do…. I checked if there was any summits near-by and loan behold there was :grinning:

Karl kindly come back to me explaining he’d love to join me and drive to the summit for us to activate it and have a great time - which we did.

I landed overseas picking a great day for SOTA, the sun was rising bright in the sky and no rain was to be seen:

Once I’d reached the hotel, Karl picked me up and off we went on our SOTA jollies.

Excuse the very tired and pale look from myself :rofl: I’d missed a nights sleep!

We parked up in a small car park and followed a tarmac road for half a mile which gradually climbed to the peak of the summit. Now, this is what I call luxury SOTA - there were benches on top and even a pub and restaurant!! COME ON SNOWDONIA, GET IT RIGHT!! hi.

It was very quiet on top, so we set up our office on one of the tables provided and our antenna to the side of a small park. The equipment comprised of my faithful Elecraft KX2, 10.8v Li-ion battery pushing 10w into the EFHW being held up by my SOTAbeams 4.1m pole.

It was time to begin calling out CQ SOTA and find out what state the bands were in.
We began on 20m which was working very well and enabled us to have a great pile-up ending with 29 stations in the log - what a start!

After putting out final calls we moved over to 40m which wasn’t so good but we did manage a further 19 stations in the log :grinning:
We shared the microphone on both bands working each station who called into us also managing to take a quick photo of us both working very hard:

Once everyone was worked and there was no further callers, we decided to pack up as it was getting pretty cold! The wx stayed on our side all afternoon with blue sky and the sun showing itself on occasions.

I had a brief look around - lovely part of the country. I do recommend activating this summit if your in the area. It’s a 6 pointer, very easy to access and you have food and beer on tap when on the top! :grinning:

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Karl for your great help and company, I had a fab afternoon!

Also thank you all very much who called into our joint station - the support was greatly appreciated :+1: until next time…….

73, DL/G4BML/p Ben & DL2NGT/p Karl


Isn’t it compulsory for German SOTA summits to have a bench?

I don’t know why you are complaining since GW/NW-001 has a train to the top with a cafe!


It looks like it, so far I’ve activated 3 and they all have had benches :grinning:

The worst summit to activate in Wales and one of the easiest, so that one doesn’t count :rofl: you have to queue to reach the AZ, so I dread to think what conditions would be like if they had a pub on top!