REPORT - A Plane & two buses to Kinder Scout G/SP-001

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Thursday 9th June 2022 Planned Activation

I’m at a Manchester airport hotel tonight. First flight home is 4pm tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’ll find out how good the public transport is around here! I plan for an early start, a 10.00am (local) 2m activation, with time to get back to the airport in plenty of time for check-in, tea & cakes.

Wish me luck!


Just seen on B.B.C and now jetting around the U.K :wink:

Good luck with the public transport

73 Joe


Thank you Joe. It may seem a trivial matter, taking two buses to go and climb a hill, then get back in time for a flight.


Many of my colleagues were late to the meeting today due to cancelled or delayed flights and trains. There are staff shortages everywhere. On one flight, the pilot removed the baggage from the hold himself!


Flights are dreadful at the moment… A few work colleagues had there’s cancelled on route to and from Germany last week! I was the lucky one who managed to pick the right times :slight_smile:

Does this mean I might get a 2m FM contact with you tomorrow @MM0EFI?? This would be good! What set up have you got, I usually get Kinder Scout 5/5 easy from my home QTH! I’ll be listening out for you!

73, GW4BML. Ben


You need to be looking for M0EFI Ben!

I’ll have my handheld and the Spectrum Comms. G-pole, as well as a fibreglass pole. Somehow, none of this attracted any attention at the airport scanner.


M0EFI/p it is then :slight_smile:

I’ll get you if your using the slim-g! Hahaa, I was the same going to Germany with the small 4m pole, radio and di-pole… no questions asked which was odd!

Good luck tomorrow, I’ll be listening.


You’ll need more than that. A tardis might be useful. What time is check in?

1500 check-in. I’m on the 0615 bus to Stockport and should be at Hayfield for 0801.

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That’s precise 08:01 :slight_smile:

But good luck getting back through security on the way home. Last time I came through Manchester after a filming assignment in the city they insisted I unpack all my kit and demonstrate it worked. Those behind me in the queue were not impressed … :weary: If I’d had a QRP rig with me too,I’d probably still be detained there under investigation… :rofl: Have a good activation on Kinder Scout. Not been up there for 25 years but enjoyed it back then.


I misinterpreted the 10am start as your setting off from the hotel, rather than the start of your activation! Your plan looks doable provided you stick rigidly to your planned schedule.

I recently did the two Isle of Wight summits via ferry and five buses. My deadline was the band’s soundcheck at the gig venue as opposed to a flight check-in, but it similarly made the schedule tight, and detailed planning essential.

Good luck!


We have a coupe of short-hop airlines (Sounds Air and Air2There) flying the top of the South Island and Cook Straight routes in Cessna Caravans where the pilot loading/unloading bags is the norm.

One airline has a pilot and co-pilot who between them do check-in, baggage handling and piloting. The other airline has a single pilot plus a single member of ground staff at each end.

I’m prefer the co-pilot arrangement - not being able to fly a cessna if things go wrong … but can never remember which airline is which.


Since Fraser starred on peak time TV he’s built up a fan base and has to jet around the country to make public appearances - but oddly enough all of them on hilltops.


Ah, I thought I might be able to get you from home Fraser, sadly not. Signal 4, not readable! However great effort for an activation. Well done!

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These are the trials and tribulations that come with being a superstar Fraser. Thanks for contact mate .
Best 73.


Got you in the log. Cheers :slight_smile:

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The press won’t expect him to travel by bus, that’s why he’s doing that. :slight_smile:
Staying under the radar…


Kinder Scout in the bag and I’m on the 358 bus to Stockport, an hour earlier than planned.

Surely nothing can go wrong now…?


Great to work you today Frazer on 2m from home (Bakewell). Hope you managed to get back up north ok. It’s a nice day tomorrow so if my boss let’s me have a day off I’ll probably activate Kinder Scout myself.


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Did you make it back OK?

Was good to get you in the log, nice pileup you had going on there yesterday.

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