Relaying of Reports. Again!

There seems to be another outbreak of relaying reports. There have been complaints about it and I have heard it myself recently. Unfortunately the “helpful” people passing on reports don’t seem to realise that by passing on the report they have made the contact invalid. If they are doing it to speed things up so that they can work the activation themselves, it doesn’t work. The Chaser must keep trying until he/she has actually copied the report and now the activator has to change the report, so the relay slows things down.

Yes, I know that the impulse to help is praiseworthy, but not in this case. Don’t do it!



Not heard it one,s self as yet.
Is tempting at time s, but must not do.

And your right does not speed things up, no need for it, been working at least 12 Sotas alone today. Been busy day for the Brits on 40m. Patience is name of the game here.

if you no get through be another day to reach them.



We get it on WAB too Brian. Sadly some of them are not trying to be helpful - they know its not allowed and its just another form of deliberate QRM/disruption

John G8XTJ

Sadly, I have heard this happen twice recently and the Chaser has still logged the contact therefore claiming the points. I believe that some people are unaware that it makes the contact invalid.

73 Chris M0RSF

Hi Chris and all,
It happens all over, exclusively on SSB. Mainly it is ignorance, like giving a 5x0 report. I usually explain it invalidates a contact if I rely on the relay and that I’d be pleased if they stood by while i have another listen. When I know they are trying to needle me I ignore them. I persist in asking for my report and then confirm I have it OK. Of course the receipt of any previously unknown info would validate the contact so giving me your mother’s maiden name would be OK. Can you imagine the consternation if after a relayed report I were to say the report had been relayed give me your mothers maiden name instead?



Are these relay stations radio amateurs at all? I’ve never heard anyone of them mentioning their call sign…

It has to be said that some of them are familiar voices.