Rehberg DM/NS-096 - access forbidden

Dear Activators in Lower-Saxony,

I would like to remind you kindly that entering the activation zone of Rehberg (DM/NS-096) is strictly forbidden for years. The activation zone is located in the quiet zone of the Harz National Park.

I think that an activation within the rules of SOTA is invalid (?) and an activation from there is also not conducive to the image of amateur radio (operators) in Germany.

The occasion is that once again someone was QRV from there.

73 from DM/NS,

Mario dl4mfm

Mario, have you got a link to something which explains access rules in the Harz National Park? Doesn’t matter if it’s only available in German.

okay - this is very simple:

First at all, you have to use signposted hiking trails only. It is not allowed to leave them.

How to behave in the National Park | Experiencing Nature | Nationalpark Harz (english)

Verhaltensregeln im Nationalpark Harz | Natur erleben | Nationalpark Harz (german)

Law about Nationalpark Harz, see “§6 (1) Betreten”

When the National Park was opened in 1990, even the use of transceivers in the wild was banned. But now it is limited to that one should not make a noise.

This is now the official plan of hiking trails.

(Download the 9.48 MB PDF)

Look on Page 55 and 56 “Wegeplan Übersichtskarte, Karte 2 Niedersachsen” and “Karte 3 Niedersachsen”

73, Mario

Mario, perhaps you should consider posting your note on the summit information page in German since that would appear to be the native language of the overwhelming majority of activators?

Echoing Richards point - this is EXACTLY the type of information that needs to be on the Summits page - having it in English as well German would be good for foreign visitors to the area.

I believe this summit does not have 150m prominence, so this issue will go away at the latest in February next year, but before someone tries to activate it for the “last time” - it would be good if you could post this “OUT-OF-BOUNDS” information to the DM/NS-096 Summit page please.


[quote=“DL4MFM, post:3, topic:11354”]one should not make a noise[/quote]So using digital modes or CW (with headphones for audio) would be possible.

That still leaves the issue of access, unless one of the approved paths crosses the activation zone, of course…

@ Ed - I did this in May after someone activated this summit. He deleted his activation. I hold him in high regard!
The deletion date of DM/NS-096 is 31/12/2099 again, like all DM-summits
The prominence of DM/NS-096 is 122m

Last year was an activator taken by surprise of a National Park Ranger. These guys are very unfriedly if you do things against the rules :wink:

@Richard: I will do it

73 de Mario

Edit: The format looks a bit strange on the summits-information-site


HI Mario,
Yes it looks like you created your text in an HTML (or WYSIWIG) based program and pasted it in - the announcement text needs to be pure text.