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Apparently I’ve waffled on here too much and now been “awarded” regular status. How do I get in the private lounge - do I get free drinks and snacks? Even nicer would be priority boarding (read chasing) and maybe accelerated ascents up 10 pointers :wink:

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Strangely you can get in the Lounge by selecting “Lounge” for the category for a new topic.

Wasn’t too hard now was it! :grin:

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You’re making sweeping assumptions about my IT skills now Andy :nerd_face:
Thanks I’ll go looking for the cookies

Are there free drinks in this lounge? There always were in the BA airport lounges and I would expect the same here.

Well, there were a couple of crates of weissbier in the corner when I joined, but I supect that’s all gone now, as the squid pole fell over (see the “so you got here” post in the lounge category).


Drinks okay but Dancing Girls also?


Would they be dancing to the tune of Queen’s “Radio Go Go”?

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Apparently the Reflector has left some cookies on my computer. They’re inedible though :cookie: