Register As A Sota Participant

Hello Friends.
Anyone have an idea to help us because Fred (F5OZK) tried to register without success.
I also tried and i have this message …
Thanks your helping


The only reason I can see that is stopping it working is that you need TWO names, forename and surname.

73 Neil

If that is the case then the site needs changing. I know of several people with just a single legal name and there have been several examples of them winning discrimination cases against sites that insist on two names.

Colin G8TMV

Thanks Neil ----> Now it works !
I’ve forgotten how I registered myself :wink:
73 QRO

Hi Roger, Glad to be of help.

Colin, I’m sure the powers that be will notice this and look in to it, must admit not something I really thought about.

73 Neil

The Sun will go nova before then.

Roger, thanks for pointing this out. I can see Fred F5OZK has registered OK from my daily data dumps from the database.

Ok Andy.
I registred myself 7 years ago and i didn’t remember how i did.
I did confusion with username which means something like “Nom d’utilisateur” or “Pseudo” in french and not the name.
Anyway, Fred can logon and he will change his password.
Thanks again

My surname causes problems… Hotmail (…Yes I know…) and the BBC, Both in the dim and distant and the nectar card. within the last 6 months, being 3 that refused to accept it!

For a while, my daughter was sarah.inappropriate(at) as they insisted that our surname was inapproriate :slight_smile:
I did complain, at the time to hotmail, until I got bored with it, I also complained to the BBC, who in true British style, simply ignored me…,…

Don Inappropriate :wink:

Just looked up your surname on - now I understand the problem. That’s a good old English surname - shame it’s misunderstood these days.

73 Ed.