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Regional SOTA map

Hi Addicts Fellows!

I found a link in one of the notes to a map based application displaying the SOTA peaks of a selected country/region with green, blue and red marker pins with the scores of the summits in the head. Of course I could zoom-in/out and switch from map to satellite picture mode. If I clicked on a pin, the data of the summit (Name, ID, altitude, points) were displayed in a pop-up window. You had to select the country/region in a roll down menu window at the bottom of the screen.

This happened some 4-5 days ago. I did not bookmark it and then and, thanks Murphy, I am unable to find it again now… (Yes, I searched in my browsing history, but there I found only the entry of Sotawatch2 but not the topic or the link embedded into one of the note I visited…

Did anybody recognise, which application I am talking about and can he tell me the link, please?

73: Jóska

maybe this …


73 de martin

In reply to OE5REO:

Nice one, I missed that, now safely bookmarked.

Many thanks,

Mike G4BLH

In reply to OE5REO:

Yes, Martin, your response was extremely fast!
This is the link, I was talking about! I remember that there was the word “homelinux” in the address…
Thanks! (I have already bookmarked it !!! :slight_smile: )

73: Jóska

In reply to HA5CW:

Hi Joska,

I must be an addict as I am really impressed with that site!!

Thanks for letting us know about it

Best 73


In reply to 2E0LAE:

Tony, the pleasure in mine helping you, addicts, but the merit is of someone else …

73: Jóska

Very cool interface !

for an updated map with Greek summits please visit:


73, Panos, SV1COX