Region ID error?

Logged on, selected DL association then multi and all and the displayed Invalid Region ID error message came up.

I repeated this error twice.
I then went back in and selected multi and then selected all the regions manually (using the ctrl key) and no error was displayed.

73 Ed.

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Come on Ed, you should know by now that’s a not-so-subtle sign that the background update to the SMP-specific set of tables has gone pear-shaped. Regular occurrence… it’ll all get sorted some time soon… meanwhile, walk the dog.

Nope, wrong. Firstly, the sync hasn’t failed - he wouldn’t be able to select manually if it had - and secondly, this data is pulled direct from the SOTA database now, so the sync process is completely out of the picture.

Basically it’s because the top “Please Choose” is selected which has a dummy region ID applied, and when it was shifted over to use the main DB, we put in much stricter input and type sanitation because the original logic copied only mildly sanitised user data across direct into an SQL query, which puts a lot of faith in a single function to sanitise the input when there are other protective layers that can and should be applied.

I’ll write up some code later that strips out the dummy region ID before it reaches the input and type sanitising.


You’re right, of course, Andrew - I wrote my fatuous reply BEFORE looking at the page and controls. Good explanation, thanks.

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