Region Completion Details

I was talking to someone before I went away to Kintyre about asking the database to show how much of a region you had completed either by activating or chasing. I can’t remember who now, was it David CT1DRB? Anyway I’ve just had a play and knocked up something that shows you this data.

View Results > My Results > My Activator Regions or View Results > My Results > My Chaser Regions to display the data. If you are not logged in, you get taken to the login page and then returned back when you successfully log in. You can see the regions you have activated/chased, the number of summits in each region you have activated/chased, the total number of summits in each region and what %age of the region you have activated/chased.


Very nice Andy. Thanks, that’s useful.

Better now it’s more correct! It wasn’t taking into account summits which had been deleted. This meant people like Tom M1EYP @M1EYP where not showing at 100% for G/LD.

It’s a bit ugly but if you have a completion greater than 100% it means you have activated / chased summits in the past which have been deleted but you have activated / chased all the currently active summits.

Cool evaluation! Thank you!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

[quote=“MM0FMF, post:3, topic:10855”]greater than 100%[/quote]Suppose, for the sake of example (deliberately contrived to make the numbers easy), a region has 4 active and 2 deleted summits, and you’ve activated three in total, one of the active ones and both of the deleted ones. The region would show as 75% activated for you, or 25%?

(An interesting addition, by the way. Thanks.)

Oh my that,s neat.
I have 4 completed regions :slight_smile:


Originally it was activated / total = 3/6*100 = 50%

Now it is activated / total valid today = 3 / 4 = 75%

Maybe it should be activated summits that are valid today / total summits valid today ?

How about two numbers, thus:

75% (%50)

… so that you can’t get the impression you’ve done all the summits possible when the single number could read 100%.

That would be a solution, I’ve tweaked the code so that everything is based on the summits being valid at the moment you request the page of data. This means that if tomorrow we add a new summit to G/LD, the number of summits valid in LD will change and everyone’s figures will drop below 100% until they chase/activate it.

I think this is probably the best single display because it always lets you check if you are completely up to date. There’s probably room for historical data too.

I knew I had one summit left in GM/ES but was quite surprised just how far I have got in GM/CS (not that it is a stunning number). Obviously my next challenge (apart from finishing ES and the Cairngorm National Park - again one summit - but remote!!!) is to work through CS.

Thanks for that little gem Andy, helps focus the remaining brain cell

That’s a nice addition. Good job Andy!

Hi Andy,

That’s a very useful addition to the database. but I have a query.
I have 740 uniques, but adding up the summits in the new region
complete section , I only make the total about 637. Am I missing
something? Probably!

Kind regards


Summits you have worked which have since been deleted. As per the discussion back up this thread, these new pages show how many summits in a region you have chased/activated based on summits that are valid today. The uniques page shows every summit you chased/activated even if it is no longer valid. So you can have a bigger unique score than here.

Hi Andy,

Now I understand, - I misread the above posts.

Many thanks for your help,

Kind regards


Very good addition Andy. Now all we need are some new photos for the front page :wink:


Nice bit of additional information Andy. It certainly adds an extra dimension for the chasers and those of us looking to complete regions.

At first I wondered why my results showed DM/ND 0 0 NaN, as I was sure that I had worked one of them (apparently my brainbox is still working: DM/ND-012 (Hoher Berg) on 9th June 2007), but then I realised that there are no current summits in that region.

Yes I spotted that in my log too. Computers really dislike 0 out of 0!

Hi Andy

Another FB database page to view of ones own Activator / Chaser achievements - well done.

Would it be easy for you to create a My Completed Region Details I wonder. Not important to me unless it is easy to do of course and you have the time, just a suggestion.

73 Phil

Ooooo, I thought I’d fixed that! :frowning: I saw a NaN ( NaN means Not a Number ) in a test I ran and modded the code to filter them. Must be be another opportunity lurking.

When I was volunteered for the database job I was concerned that I’d have to learn C# and ASP.NET. I’d don’t really like Java like languages, you have to write lots of boilerplate code and they’re not much better than doing the job in C++ which you can contrast with much higher level languages like Python. But the longer I use it the more I come to respect the bulletproof-ness of the libraries. We have a divide by 0 here and rather than crashing in a pile of smoking software, or throwing an exception which I may or may not catch depending on how lazy I was being, this is caught gracefully by the library and still displays something meaningful. Microsoft have been confounding people by making more and more of the crown jewels open source including C# and some of the core .NET libraries. It’s almost like it’s time to try using C# on Linux, almost.

I don’t like C#. Always thought Db was so much more distinguished.