Reflector signin

I might be missing something but I don’t understand the new login process. It asks for email or user name and password. You can’t seem to know your reflector password as my database password no-longer works for the reflector. You have to get a login link sent by email then when logged in you can’t set your own password, you can only request a new login link to be sent by email. Why ask for a password if you can’t have one. Maybe there is a reason for this but it is very annoying.
Jeff K6QCB

Your account for the reflector is entirely separate from your SSO account. Your SSO account is used for SOTAwatch, database and many other sites.

When you create your accounts you may set the username of both to be your callsign and you can set the passwords to be the same. However, they are separate accounts so if you change the details in one account, those changes are not reflected in the other account.

Looking at the details, your reflector account uses your callsign for your username (like everyone else) but your SSO account uses a different username to your callsign, a good sign that the accounts are not the same thing.

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is you are having, for a start you don’t say what you are trying to login to. If you can provide some context you can receive some help,

It’s a while since I did any password changing so I did some tests over lunch.

Reflector: to change your password, click on your avatar top right, click on the man shape icon in the dropdown, click on the Preferences link and your preferences page appears. You can change your password by click on the “Send password reset email” link. This will email the address shown on your preferences with a link to change your password. Fetch the email, click the link in the email and you will be taken to a page where you can enter your new password. The password has various limits (length etc) and must not be the same as the current password. You can save that and then you have changed your password. If you close the window without saving any changes your password is not changed.

For SSO there are links to updating your SSO details on both SOTAwatch and the database. I don’t know if any other websites that use SSO link to the details update pages or not. When you select the update account/ update details from SOTAwatch/Database you get shown your details, click password on the left and you can change your password, enter your current password and your new password twice and you change it.

Changing either is straightforward as long as your email details are up to date. Similarly recovering a forgotten password requires your email details are up to date or the recovery emails will not be sent to you.


I was trying to login to the reflector to post. This time it worked. Before when I clicked on the link in the email it just gave me a login link and no option to change my password, this time the link in the email sent me to a page that had choose password. That was not there in past attempts so it must have been creating a new password every time I clicked the login link. I am good now.

Jeff K6QCB