"Reflector latest" side bar on sotawatch.org

Is it just me (probably is :wink: ) or do other people see the “Reflector latest” listing on the side of sotawatch.org in an order that isn’t the same as the last time the posts were apparently updated? (except the ‘sticky posts’ of course)

Looking this morning, the topics displayed after the “SOTA NEWS”, and “Welcome to the SOTA Reflector” sticky posts the topics appear to have been updated in the following order

2 Hours
2 Hours
10 Hours ←
3 Hours ←
11 Hours
13 Hours
18 Hours ←
17 Hours ←
22 Hours
27 Hours

Just wondering…


When a post is edited the “time since last change” will change but the creation time will not. So it can look like a post which was created yesterday and should be 1 day old is only a few minutes old if it has been editted recently.

If the ‘time since last change’ is 3 hours, as in Mickey’s 10M Band of choice post in the example… Shouldn’t this appear above EA2CW’s OE7PHI post which appears to have been created 10 hours earlier?

I think you will find the order is based on the time of creation and the time of last post is showed if there are more than 1 posts in the thread. The result is the display you see.

We run the forum software using a commercial hosting system rather than ourselves. This means we cannot tweak the forum software to do what we want but have to accept the stock solution. This has benefits and problems. We could make it better but the cost would be a lot more accesses to the forum software from SOTAwatch every minute. The benefit doesn’t warrant the extra load.

We probably will run the forum software ourselves one day, but not in the immediate future. So I think it’s something we’ll have to live with for a while.

Ah, OK,

I guess that explains it then, ties in with the ‘no replies’ posts and where they appear in the ‘history’, thanks Andy!


Perhaps we can earn some funds promoting certain posts …