"Reflector Latest" on http://www.sotawatch.org

Will the “Reflector Latest” section of http://www.sotawatch.org show the messages from the new reflector ?

Yes, Jon will change the “Reflector latest” to look at the new reflector in a few days once everything has settled down.

73, Mark G0VOF

I noticed that this was working on the SOTAwatch main page, and still looks just like it used to; very cool!

However, the Spots and Alerts pages still show topics from the old reflector, and the Reflector link still points to the old one. I thought I had entered a temporal rift or parallel dimension when I first experienced this… :wink:

—73 Karl KA3RCS

Figured I would add to this thread instead of starting a new one, as it is directly related…

I noticed a very minor inconsistency between the reflector and the ‘Reflector Latest’ tonight. The ‘g5rv’ thread shows up as ‘6days ago’ on SOTAwatch, but ‘6h’ under activity on the main reflector page. The most recent message was indeed written 6 days ago, but was edited 6 hours ago. Clicking on the thread shows ‘6d’ along with an edit symbol on the message itself.

Just figured I would mention this in case anyone might be interested.

—73 Karl KA3RCS