Reflector Glitch


I am aware that it seems the latest poster is being reported as the originator of each thread at the moment. I have no idea why this has suddenly started happening! I hope to be able to get a look at it this evening.

I apologise for the inconvenience and confusion.

73, Jon


I did notice this happening for a while soon after the change of server, but didn’t really take much notice of it at the time.

It doesn’t seem to happen for all reflector posts, as I type this the most recently changed reflector topic (‘A word of thanks’) seems to correctly show a different call for the originator and the latest post, but all others show the same call in both places.


In reply to G0LGS:

Sorry, a bit bogged down with moving, work and other stuff at the moment.
Now fixed though (I hope!).

73, Jon

Thanks Jon. All working here in sunny Stoke.


In reply to GM4ZFZ:
Hi John
I’m not sure if the reflector glitch reported here is the one that I am about to report:

I get a daily digest of reflector postings but they have suddenly appeared in reverse order. So to read in the correct sequence I now need to start from the bottom of the page rather than the top. It wasn’t like that before.

73 and Mni Tnx