Reference error today G/WB-003 / 005

Today, Friday 03/01/2020, I activated G/WB-003 on 80m between 12:15 and 13:30, correctly spotted.

I then moved to G/WB-005, starting this activation at 15:30. In error I spotted myself as being on G/WB-003. Brian @G8ADD kindly pointed out my mistake, and posted a correct spot a few minutes later.

Stations who called me before the error was corrected (between approx 15:30 and 15:40)


These stations, please check your logs, and acceprt my appologies for a senior moment!

Best 73, and thank you all for the contacts,


Edit: I wanted to flag up the callsigns, but only 10 are allowed in one post. So I included an image of them above. Now here they are in a form that will flag them up, continued in my next post :o)




I had been listening and heard the correction. I tend to not just take the information on the alerts or spots as definitive.

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