REF CORRECTION: F/AM-394, F/AM-496, F/AM-630

Hello SOTA frienship.
First I want you to thanks for all QSO. It’s always a great fun to manage pile-up and QRM + QSB. :wink:
On the 19th july, I activated only three summits instead of four I planned. In fact I didn’t work on F/AM-537, I arrived on the second summit (F/AM-496) with late and then auto-spot sent F/AM-537. Then, all guys who QSO me on F/AM-537 have to correct ref with F/AM-496.

1st summit:
I started to drive at 05:00 am and hike at 07:30
Nice hiking under the wood.

2nd summit:
The hardest because temperature was about 30°c more, I drunk a lot :wink: water of course.

PSE firends in yellow mark, you have to correct your log with F/AM-496 and not F/AM-537

3rd summit:
Easy one but after the day, not so easy :wink:

F/AM-537: I planned this one but I didn’t go because I was too late, a very long way to walk. next time

Thanks again for all.