Redirect from NEWSOTADATA to SOTADATA ...

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know that today I noticed a small error regarding the redirect the the new URL of the SOTA-Database:

When I go to the old URL
i get redirected to the correct URL SOTA Database

When I go to the the old URL (which i bookmarked)
i get redirected to the wrong URL

When I go to the old URL
i get redirected to the wrong URL

73 Martin, OE5REO

Don’t use as the old URL is now pointing to the right place. takes you to the database app. will redirect to the database app. Currently it doesn’t do this because we still need access to the old host.

This should be fixed now.

Not quite. www in both instances goes to the new host. The root domain still points at the end server.

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do we need to register again the save callsign?


Tasos, log in with your existing database username and password. If it doesn’t work then you can use the password reset facility and try again. Or use the contact MT link at the top and request more help with the title SSO LOGIN M6VAR.

It should just work.

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