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Record on The Cloud


Saw this earlier today and didn’t see it posted anywhere else, 2000 total activations of The Cloud. No prizes for guessing who number 2000 was :slight_smile:


…and “one or two” of the other positions too I suspect!

Actually, my activator log isn’t up-to-date. Activation #2006 of G/SP-015 coming up in the next hour…


2000? :open_mouth: Well done Tom!

For the record, as of today 25.05.2021, there are only 4 summits worldwide activated more than 1000 times:


Of those 2006 activations of The Cloud G/SP-015, only 1525 of them were down to me. 481 activations of The Cloud have been by other people.


That still means that you have logged over three quartersof all the activations. I think your route ought to appear on the map as “Tom’s Track”!

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Which one? I’ve got eleven different routes up there!

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And 480 of those, were by someone else :wink:

Well done Tom (do you still carry a map and compass up there?).


Only in the form of a smartphone app!

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How dare they - it is YOUR summit :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Tom’s Track I - XI…


I’ve on!y activated The Cloud once. It was an amazing activation. TOM WASN’T THERE!


Due to an unanticipated and indeed unanticipatable combination of circumstances, I haven’t activated The Cloud today…


So, @WU7H was joking that you need to get some T-Shirts printed up that say “I survived the Cloud” with the Ref printed under it…and sell it to those other folks who go and activate it ;-)…

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Well let’s hope Dominic Cummings doesn’t get to hear about it :wink:

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Well I’m proud to say that Tom very kindly escorted me around his local 3.

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Hi Tom, thanks for that information…hope you can soon then.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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This morning on the way to work Geoff.


Unusually (for these days), The Cloud G/SP-015 was my only SOTA activation today. It’s rare that if I activate either this or Gun G/SP-013, that I don’t follow it up with a visit to the other one.

Today I needed to get back home to meet Marianne and Liam for a walk into town, visit a pub and the Treacle Market, and loop back via the Bollin Valley and Prestbury for a long walk back home - about 9.5 miles.

Cloud was great this morning. I’d gone out with thoughts of 2m multimode and taking advantage of the lift conditions. As it was, 2m FM kept me busy and entertained, and SSB, CW and FT8 never got a look in!

42 QSOs were made on 2m FM, including no less than 9 S2S. It was nice to bump into (not literally) Mateusz 2E0MTG as he arrived on summit as I was leaving.


GW4VPX/P on GW/MW-010
2E0MTG/P on G/SP-013
2W1CYM/P on GW/NW-070
GW4TQE/P on GW/NW-049
2E0YZY/P on G/SP-013
M0JKS/P on G/SP-014
MW0NLG on GW/NW-018
G8XYJ/P on G/WB-005
2E0PNW/P on G/SP-014


It wasn’t The Cloud … but I’ve just uploaded a batch of activations and seen that my activation of Gun G/SP-013 this morning was my 3500th in SOTA!

I’ll head out and do #3501 on The Cloud G/SP-015 this evening - not sure what band/mode yet…

With 3,500 climbs, you should have burned 'nuff calories to bring you down to 160 pounds weight, Tom… Oh, wait, I see that your average points per climb has nothing to the left of the decimal. Science wins again.

Elliott, K6EL

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