Recommendations for a ground sheet

I’ve never required a ground sheet till now.

But with the dish at ground level and the two FT817s underneath, I need something to put them on. I have used the rucsac, but recently I found a bivvie bag works well and I can languish on my tummy tuning the radios without getting wet. :slight_smile:

Nick G0HIK

Last time I went out I was sliding all over the place on my on my Emergency Sleeping bag. I was determined not to use it next time out.
I did a bit of a shop, looking for all the recommendations suggested, but I found nothing locally.

I know we have a roll up foam mat somewhere, but I can’t find it at Chez HIK.

Luckily Mountain Warehouse have them half price currently.

So I called in on the way to the SOTA today.

I needed a few rocks to hold it rolled out, but it worked OK. I’m going to cut it down for the next outing. The off cuts will make at least two sit mats.

I’ve no idea how long it will last, but it is light and it was cheap.

Nick G0HIK


I use a few tent pegs in the corners to hold mine in place - two pegs are usually enough. Just push it through the mat the first time and then reuse the same holes after that.


Good tip.


Nick G0HIK

I’ve always used Tyvek sheeting. Once it gets ripe, you can just throw it in the washing machine which is nice. I recently had to do that as mine was getting super rank.

I’m waiting to find an off cut of that in a skip (Dumpster ?) To give it a try, hopefully the roll mat will last till I find some.

Nick G0HIK

What do you do on it exactly?

Just a reminder, that you should never put technical coated fabrics in the washing machine; it absolutely ruins the coating. You can lose over 50% of the hydrostatic head on the first wash. Tyvek is not coated, so it is washable, so that’s an advantage. The lack of full waterproofing is of course a downside. Tyvek it still useful however, as stuff sacks and tent footprints etc.
73 de OE6FEG

I use policryo too as a footprint under the tent and works very well. It is ultralight, very compact and durable.
For sota, sometimes I use a 3F UL Gear raincoat as a ground sheet.

you should never put technical coated fabrics in the washing machine

Except Goretex, where it is what they recommend.
The paranoid would think that they have an ulterior motive.

Goretex is a membrane, not a coated fabric. By coated fabric, I mean silicone or polyurethane coated nylon and polyester.
73 Matt

Just a little update.

I cut the roll up mat in half and it was just perfect today. I was operating for around 90mins, it kept me warm and dry. And that’s the battle for any activation.

Nick G0HIK