Reco for G/LD (8-10 pointers preferred)

Hello all, looking for some recommendations, and maybe a walkkng companion for a shorter hike to reach 8-10 pointer in the Lake District. I say short walk since I have my family, and would like them to not be waiting too long etc (on the order of 3-5 miles each way). We are targetting midweek/Wed/Thur to be in that area. So far I am thinking LD-004 could meet the criteria?? Maybe LD-009 and 008?? Anyway, will consider any and all suggestions. If there is something of historical significance in the area (castles ruins and such like a Kenilworth) that could occupy the wife and two teenagers time would be a bonus.

Thank you in advance and 73

G/LD-004 Skiddaw is the easiest of the three G/LD ten pointers if you start at the Latrigg / Skiddaw car park just a few miles north of Keswick. While you are doing this the family could explore Keswick and Derwent Water (good walks around the lake and boat trips) and / or visit the Castlerigg Stone Circle. Another option is the G/LD-059 Muncaster Fell which is only a one pointer but does have Muncaster Castle on hand for the family although I have never visited this castle. To increase the points tally you could consider adding G/LD-030 Black Combe to Muncaster.

Good luck and make sure you have your waterproofs!
Nick G4OOE

One other option would be LD-013 The Old Man of Coniston. 8 Points Quite a lot of tourist / water activites in the Village (Victoria Steamboat Steam Yacht Gondola | Lake District | National Trust… ) and the shortest route starts in the village. Probably about an 8Km ( 5 mile walk return) but quite a lot of climbing (750m 2400ft) Paths usually dead easy to follow but maps and compass / GPS still needed! I have probably climbed it about a dozen times - all in my pre-sota days and it ( In my opinion ) is a nicer climb than the slog up Skiddaw!
Good Luck - and I hope the Weather stays as good as it has been today ( 80f…and Sunny )

Blencatha LD-008 again a nice walk, but the best start point is a layby on the A66 which probably isn’t a very good place to spend a few hours. Only climbed Grassmoor (LD-009) a couple of times and ( in my opinion ) it is a less interesting climb and again has a less interesting start point!

Final suggestion - Fairfield LD-007. By starting at Rydal the car would be parked next to Wordsworths Cottage and only a mile from Ambleside which has lots of touristy things. Slightly bigger climb and there are a few ups and downs and slightly longer distance (12Km return ). Ambleside is a bit nearer the middle of the Lake District and might suit better :-). Would much prefer to be walking rather than running a course but I’m not sure my employer would have the same view…

( I would personally go for the Coniston option as the hill is good, village is quite nice and depending on the teenagers there are canoes / boats on the lake. Sorry no castles that I know of… )



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But there is always Brantwood on the other side of Coniston Lake, original home of John Ruskin, well worth a visit and ckear views across the lake of LD-013 The Old Man of Coniston.

funny you mention Coniston Lake, I was really enamored by the name “Old Man of Coniston” as a fun quirky name and potential summit. That may be the winner!!!