Recent updates to SW3

I’ve just pushed a new version of SW3 out that addresses a couple of issues and enhancements that were requested, and I figured I may as well summarise the recent changes in this and other updates:

  • Proper validation of frequency entry on Spots (prevents multiple frequencies being entered for one spot)
  • Pinned reflector posts are now pinned in SW3 as well (matches SW2 behaviour)
  • Multiple spots for the same summit are now collapsed when in Compact mode (Toggle Expanded Spots)
  • Operator names when posting alerts showed “Unknown” until the alert was edited.
  • Option for left alignment of SW3 (Toggle Alignment button under Spot settings).
  • “Repost” option for reposting spots that you have posted. (“Edit | Repost | Delete” next to highlighted spot)
  • Removed ability to inadvertently edit/delete alerts and spots that weren’t yours via API.

I’m not entirely happy with the location of the Left Alignment toggle, but it’s there and it works and it will do for now.


Thank you Andrew. Very nice to get a changelog of what is new and has improved.

If I may suggest two feature:

  • Currently alerts that I have created are colour highlighted to make them easier to find. I am suggesting a feature (button, filter, “myalerts” tab) to only show my (future) alerts? This will make updating them a lot more straight forward

  • And for the spots I always wish there would be a way to set a default comment.
    I always add my APRS url to there. Maybe a field in the SSO profile so that i.g. also SOTL.AS can use it too? Same would go for frequencies. (Btw. I am aware that the autofill by the browser does that kind of but not very comfortable and not across devices)

Thanks again
73 de Joe

Thanks for the update and the ongoing development Andrew.
It is much appreciated!

Just had cause to try out the “Edit | Repost | Delete” facility.
I was not able to achieve a new spot with updated comment/frequency information.
This is because Edit does not repost, and Repost does not edit.
A form of Repost that allows editing would allow the task to be achieved without retyping everything.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

You can now use the filter to type in a callsign and it will display all alerts posted by that callsign.

Adding the SSO profile is probably more work than it seems, so I have instead added a “Copy” button to Alerts you have created, that will allow you to copy and edit the alert prior to reposting.

Edit, then repost, or repost then edit? :slight_smile:

Edit then repost as a new spot.

What I meant is you could do it either way.

Seriously, though, my initial thought with the respot function was to duplicate the existing spot and repost (as per the initial request). It’s trivial to pop up the edit function beforehand - does anyone have a violent objection to this approach?

seems to be a good general purpose solution.

Ok, this is now switched to popping up the dialog prior to reposting the spot.

I’ve also used a datepicker on the alert dialog to try cut down the amount of spots in the 30th century

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