Recent MW Summits

Thanks to all for the contacts over the last few days from some seldom-activated MWs. The weather was very bad for activating on Sunday and MW019 was perhaps one of the most difficult activations that I have ever done. The hill was being swept by hail storms and it was impossible to stand up for much of the time. Signals were often drowned out by the hailstones hitting the hood of my jacket. On finishing I had to scoop handfuls of hailstones out of all my gear before setting off. I leave it to your imagination to think just how tricky it was to rig the aerial in such conditions. I sat waiting for the pole to break throughout the activation but amazingly it survived - as did I!



In reply to G3CWI:
Nice going Ric - mni tnx once again for the activations with the usual strong sigs - and congrats on surviving the hailstones (take your golf clubs next time - they make nice golfballs!).
73 de CRIS

In reply to G3CWI:

Hi Richard, just to let you know that I have listened for you on every activation, but not heard you. I think that you were simply too close to me for 40m contact.
Thanks for all the activations all the same, well done and maybe next time.

vy 73 de Mike GW0DSP