Receiving spots on your phone

The facility exists to receive spots on your phone by SMS via Twitter. But this requires a Twitter account etc. and some phone companies provide free reception of Twitter via SMS. So you can already receive spots for free (in the UK at least) in many cases thanks to some work provided by Martyn M1MAJ.

However, I was wondering if anyone was interested in being able to send an SMS to my spot server such as “SPOTS 40 CW” and it sending them the last 4x 40m CW spots. Filtering would be so you could filter on band/mode etc.

So I’d send “SPOTS 20m SSB” and with a minute or so I’d rx something like:

1130 OK/OM6TC/P OK/ZL-015 14.285 SB
1120 K6ILM W6/CC-045 14.342 SB
1100 2O0YYY G/SP-013 14.175 SB
1045 MO1EYP/P G/WB-002 14.260 SB

(Slightly squished so it fits in 160 chars i.e. SB not SSB etc.)

Now if you are interested we get the dirty matter of cost as sending an SMS isn’t free. If enough people are prepared to fund this then it’s worth taking further. Otherwise I’ll just keep it for myself.

Cost? Well the current service provider (ASDAmobile) will provide “unlimted” UK texts for £120/year. International texts are 30p (0.39Eu) flat rate so lets just consider UK only for now. Are there enough people in the UK interested in enough to punt their share of £120/year for this?

Let me know and I’ll go further with this.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Hi Andy,

What a great idea. I would have loved to have that capability on my recent activation of F/NO-024.

Put me down as one of those interested in supporting this capability.

73s Andrew G4AFI

In reply to MM0FMF:
I am willing to make a contribution, sounds like a very good facility.


In reply to MM0GYX:
A pity - it looks like not enough interest in the UK to make this viable

Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:

There are ways Andrew. Watch this space :wink: