Really bad news for USA

I hate to bring bad news to our folks in the USA but your government have recently increased the charges for handling international mail! There are now VERY SIGNIFICANT charges for postal services originating outside the USA and delivered to the 50 states.

We have swallowed these increases on all current orders (about 50% increase on what was originally charged) but cannot do this on any future orders.

I was just at the Post Office sending out current orders and had to be picked off the floor when I received the bill!!!
Needed several pints of ale to sort out my blood pressure


Unfortunate as we the users end up paying the government fee.

Ron, KI4TN :hiking_boot:

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The prices charged on postage out of the US are very high at the moment too. An ebay search recently for a small item found one, the cost was $25 for the item and over $50 for postage. Is there a $45 surcharge now for the privilege of using the postal service?

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Quoted from the Pitney Bowes website, a seller of postal supplies and meters (Note: parts of the quote removed to save space):

Cross-border shipping rates will increase significantly starting July 1, 2020 due to the USPS international price change. The increase in rates stems from the U.S. threat of leaving the UPU (Universal Postal Union) and the subsequent agreement that was signed in September 2019.

Seems to be the reason.
Ron, KI4TN :hiking_boot:

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Guess I could post to Canada or Mexico and you smuggle the package into USA :joy:
Second thoughts - maybe not a good idea!!!


We had a recent similar shock like that. We used to send small books to a child in India
for less than $5.00. A few weeks ago, we were given a price over $100 (we declined). From what I understand, until the COVID mess has quieted, the US postal service does not ship to some countries. If you are desperate to send something, they will relay it to a service that does.


Royal Mail say that these prices changes are the result of exceptional cost increases outside of their control:

  • Last year, the UPU agreed to allow the US to set terminal dues/prices themselves from the 1st of July. This met the US administration’s stated objective – to increase how much they charge other countries for delivery. It averted their threat to leave the global network. It will see a significant increase of over 100% in the the rates Royal Mail pay for last mile delivery in the US from the 1st of July.Royal Mail say that they will have to pass on these costs and will not profit in doing so.
  • Royal Mail have seen 95% less air passenger flights as a result of Covid-191 and are having to use air freight instead. This is considerably more expensive. It has led to a five-fold increase in conveyance costs to the US following the outbreak of Covid-19. As a business, Royal Mail say that they have absorbed these costs to date. But, from the 1st of July, they are going to recover their best estimate of future conveyance costs in this financial year.Royal Mail say that they are closely monitoring the cost of conveyance and may reduce prices accordingly in future.
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Bet you believe in Santa and fairies too :rofl:


I think that it explained by effect of COVID-19 impact on economy. I expect that other countries may follow US and will increase postal rates. However, ARRL did not increased rate for QSL service yet. This is a good news for US!

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I think we can thank the “orange one”.


Hi Barry,

We really appreciate your contribution to SOTA, thank you.

This is a mail to let you know that I have surely received the parcel(#4856)
which I ordered on 8th July.

It took time nearly a month(arrived on 8/4) and we can easily imagine what is happening on the way under this kind of unusual circumstance.

So thanks again, Barry.

Stay safe !


I have had a number of parcels shipped mid-July which still have not arrived: Italy, USA and Puerto Rico. If a package has not arrived within 4 weeks I normally send a replacement - obviously at no charge to the customer. If this continues I may have to insist on sending “Tracked” which incurs a significant extra charge.

Please contact me direct or via the MT contact form - I only check the reflector about twice per week - if you have a problem

Hi Barry,
a family member shipped something to us via USPS from the US (South Carolina) to Switzerland. The package took more than 3 months to arrive, until one day before delivery the tracking status stated it to be in an international exchange in Miami. At the moment I would not count on any reliable postal delivery times. Even deliveries from Germany or France to Switzerland take a few days more than in the pre-Corona era :frowning:

No, that is a great idea. But I am sure they will be searching for mail in the vehicles now since the rates went up.

A parcel from the Ukraine for me took over 6 weeks to arrive here.