Real SOTA Goats Family Show on VE6/RA-076

Nice greeting for VE6VID any myself yesterday on Hailstone Butte (VE6/RA-076) in the Alberta foothills. Inspiration to work toward SOTA Mtn Goat status, although I hope to have a slightly better haircut at that point. They brought good luck on the 17m band; in particular the channel to Hawaii was clear as a bell.


Beautiful ! :relaxed:

Thanks for posting the pix.
Having a family show up like that no doubt made the day!

Best, Ken

They were not there when my activation attempt failed. Hmm, better look for more summits with goats kicking around.

Great photo! Perhaps it’s time for you to start working on the" Mountain Goat Haircut"…could be a new fashion trend!


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