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Read Only mode in SOTA Reflector

I appear to have enabled read only mode on my access to the SOTA reflector - can anyone tell me how to turn editing back on please?


I think it was like that for everyone. I noticed it too, but it’s back to normal now.

System maintenance maybe?

I was just about to delete my post as it’s now OK with me as well.

As you say, most likely backup or other maintenance.

Tnx & 73 Ed.

I saw it too a few minutes ago.

If it was a system maintenance message it could have been better worded !

Jon opened a support ticket with Discourse hosting at 0940 and they got us back to normal within a half hour. I don’t know what the problem was, but your MT were on the ball!


same here did make me wonder


From feedback received it seems this happens when something is not quite right with an automated backup process. The gist was that this can and does happen but it’s random. As to whether it fixed itself or our hosting provided gave the server(s) a good slap is not mentioned.

The upshot is that it’s not something users can cause. Nor admins. Knowing that admins can’t cause it does fill me with relief because I was doing some admin when the message first appeared. Like Ed, I wondered if it was something I had done. Only I have many more software levers and knobs to set incorrectly!