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Reactivation for winter bonus

Whilst at the Telford rally this year I bumped into Mr & Mrs SOTA. Im sorry I can’t remember your names but you both had SOTA T-Shirts on I was outside in the corner selling the usual ‘CVU junk’ with my dad

We discussed the reactivation of summits during the winter months to get the winter bonus.

Can I clarify this please? - I have done a few local summits in the summer. Can I do those summits again in the winter and claim the winter bonus? - No points for the summit just the bonus points.

Will the database automatically assign just the bonus points?

It all gets a little confusing sometimes.

Regards - Paul (2E0CVU)

In reply to 2E0CVU:

Yes and yes.



Yes indeed - so long as they are summits that attract the winter bonus (2 point and over summits in UK associations).

Check out the 2003 activations of Stiperstones G/WB-003 in my activator log on the database to see confirmation of the scoring working like this.