Reaching 100 Activation Points

On July 10, I will activate on BV/NA-014, a 10-pointer for my 100 points monument!


I will try to be QRV from G/SP-015 at that time and try again for the S2S with you on 14.092-ft8. Congratulations on the first activator certificate.


I will also try to do S2S QSOs, GL.

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I am sorry and embarrassed, but I forgot about this and took a 40m-only antenna up to the summit this morning. I see that sigs carried into EU as I know SA4BLM made contact.

When will be the next opportunity?

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Congratulations on making 100 Activator points.
Thanks also for the contact - my first SOTA contact to BV.
Thanks also to BX2AI for my second BV summit immediately afterwards.

Sorry, but was chasing from home. Perhaps we may make a S2S contact in the future.


Peter VK3PF

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I saw your spot on 40 meters band and guess maybe not good DX propagation :slight_smile:
And I didn’t bring 40 meters antenna :frowning:

Let’s try next time.

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Also thanks a lot for chasing. For sure we could try S2S next time.

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